Where any patentable Intellectual Property is involved, and to ensure the success of the protection and commercialization stages, Alfaisal University, its members, the TTO and the inventor shall exercise confidentiality at all stages of technology transfer.

Throughout the technology transfer process, the inventor is further obliged to disclose any nominal, emerging and potential conflicts of interest deemed relevant to the Intellectual Property at hand.

Disclosure and Evaluation of Intellectual Property

Mandatory Disclosure

All Intellectual Property made by members of the ALFAISAL UNIVERSITY Community must be disclosed to the TTO Director in a signed written document in an approved format (“Invention Disclosure Form”), even those believed by the Inventors or Authors to be unrelated to their ALFAISAL UNIVERSITY duties and not involving the use of ALFAISAL UNIVERSITY funds, resources or facilities. Disclosure must be made as soon as practicable and must comply with any applicable others agreement. Disclosures shall completely and accurately convey all relevant information in a thorough and timely manner and shall be signed by all Inventors and Authors. At the time of disclosure, and continuing thereafter, Inventors and Authors shall promptly:

  • (1) disclose all potential conflicts of interest in accordance with the ALFAISAL UNIVERSITY Faculty and Staff Member Conflict of Interest and Conflict of Commitment Policy; and
  • (2) disclose to the TTO Director any known information, including prior art reference(s), that may be reasonably expected to be material in the examination of a patent, utility model, design, or trademark application, directed to his or her invention, work or creation, or to be material to a determination of originality of a work to be protected by copyright.