Intellectual Property developed by a student at Alfaisal University, whether as part of course work, senior (capstone project), thesis and/or dissertation; and made using Alfaisal University facilities and/or funds, is the property of Alfaisal University.

Where student work is funded, in part or in whole, by a sponsor external to Alfaisal University, ownership will be subject to assessment and review of terms of agreement with the external sponsor.

In all cases, a student shall initially disclose to the TTO any resulting Intellectual Property, and must grant Alfaisal University an irrevocable, perpetual, royalty-free, nonexclusive, worldwide right to the use of the Intellectual Property.

For graduate students, an embargo shall be enacted on all thesis and/or dissertation until an assessment is made of the thesis work for possible patenting. Such embargo supersedes the student’s during the assessment period. Accordingly, such assessments will be expedient, and shall weigh the tradeoffs between prolonging the embargo, protection expenses, and/or gains from reporting findings in typical research venues. Where assessment determines possibility of patenting, the graduate student will be asked to submit a formal disclosure to the TTO.

Whereby the Intellectual Property was developed by a student without the support of Alfaisal University, and where the development is not made during the student’s working hours at Alfaisal University, the Intellectual Property becomes the property of the student. In such cases, the student may seek Alfaisal University’s support to fund the protection and/or the commercialization of the Intellectual Property, and the Intellectual Property will be subject to assessment.

Where upon assessment Alfaisal University does not want to pursue protection or commercialization or support of an invention, and where the interests of a third party are not infringed upon, provided that the University shall have the worldwide irrevocable, perpetual, royalty-free right and authority, non-exclusively towards the use of intellectual property.

Students involved in an effort leading to the development of Intellectual Property shall be, in all relevant aspects, be treated by the TTO and Alfaisal University in the same manner as non-students involved.