The Technology Transfer Office is the entity responsible for all aspects of technology

and Intellectual Property (IP) creation, management, transfer and release at Alfaisal University.


Scope of the TTO mandate are as follows:

  • Develop, maintain and update programs for technology and IP management and transfer.
  • Identify, evaluate and commercialize disclosed technology and IP in a periodic manner.
  • Maintain complete records of all disclosed IP and material transfer agreements.
  • Educate and motivate members of Alfaisal University on Technology Transfer and IP aspects.


In all its handlings, the TTO operation will be as follows:

  • Aligned with efforts aimed at the realization of the Kingdom’s vision and aspirations.
  • Abiding by the laws, regulations, and values of the Kingdom.
  • Strategically evaluating, protecting, and licensing intellectual property rights of Alfaisal University and its members.
  • Not including in technology with any potential or apparent harm.


A Director will oversee and manage the operation of the TTO appointed by Alfaisal University and will report directly to the VP for Office of Research and Innovation (ORI).

The main TTO structure duties will include the following:

  • Technology identification, assessment and filing (protection).
  • Technology and IP record management and marketing.
  • Technology marketing.

(For more details, please see Appendix (A) Administrative Structure)

Designated Authority

Alfaisal University is responsible for managing, executing the intellectual property policy at Alfaisal University and represents, the university in all the policy issues that affect the university's relations with the community of Alfaisal University, government, private entities and others. It has the right to manage this policy and to grant Delegations and Authorities.

Technology Transfer Office

Reporting to the ORI, the Director is charged with leading the Technology Transfer Office (TTO) with carrying out the particular responsibilities described below and elsewhere in this Policy:

  • a) Develop and implement an Intellectual Property management and technology transfer program to help achieve ALFAISAL UNIVERSITY ’s economic development goals;
  • b) Identify, evaluate and commercialize disclosed Intellectual Property and report periodically thereon to the ORI;
  • c) File patent applications and other legal registrations as may be necessary to protect ALFAISAL UNIVERSITY Intellectual Property to be filed with the relevant authorities in a timely manner;
  • d) Facilitate and integrate, in consultation with the Office of ORI, the negotiation and drafting of all Intellectual Property related agreements across ALFAISAL UNIVERSITY and its subsidiaries;
  • e) Report and account for Gross and Net Revenue derived from ALFAISAL UNIVERSITY Intellectual Property and report to the ORI and the Director of Finance and Director of Human Resources as directed;
  • f) Ensure that ALFAISAL UNIVERSITY meets all Intellectual Property related commitments that are contained in research contracts, licenses and other agreements;
  • g) Maintain complete records of all disclosed Intellectual Property and material transfer agreements; h) The Director is to serve as secretary of the ALFAISAL UNIVERSITY Intellectual Property Advisory Committee and deliver quarterly performance and accountability reports to the Committee;
  • i) Educate the ALFAISAL UNIVERSITY Community, government and private entities in Saudi Arabia about intellectual asset management and innovation;
  • j) Assure that all technology transfers and exchanges of information comply with import and export control laws; and, k) Perform other duties as may be assigned by the University and the ORI and the University.

Intellectual Property Advisory Committee

The ALFAISAL UNIVERSITY shall assist and advise the TTO and ORI with managing all aspects of Intellectual Property at ALFAISAL UNIVERSITY in accordance with its Charter, the university establishes a temporary or permanent advisory committee and determines its powers and term of membership in accordance with the indicative annex (B)..

Approvals and Signature Authority

All Intellectual Property terms and conditions in any University agreement and under the responsibility of the TTO shall be approved by the Director after review by a lawyer in the university if the IP terms in the agreement are materially different from the principles laid down in this Policy or those approved by the ORI or the TTO. An exception must be obtained from the advisory committee, except as to legal form, the various material transfers, non‐disclosure agreements and, non‐monetary assignments, Intellectual Property registration and management documents, and all license, option, and related technology transfer agreements in accordance with the Schedule of Delegations and Authorities that need approval from the university.

Policy Application, Exceptions, and Limitations

This Policy applies to all members of the ALFAISAL UNIVERSITY Community, and shall be deemed a condition of:

  • (i) employment for ALFAISAL UNIVERSITY personnel (including faculty, adjunct faculty, staff, and research scientists) and post-doctoral fellows
  • (ii) enrollment by all students, and
  • (iii) admittance by all others, including visitors, including those of faculty, adjunct faculty, research scientists, post-doctoral fellows, and scholars, who may or intend to participate in research at ALFAISAL UNIVERSITY or use of ALFAISAL UNIVERSITY funds, facilities or resources. This Policy shall not be interpreted to limit ALFAISAL UNIVERSITY ’s ability to meet its obligations under any contract or grant or other third-party agreement of any kind.