The general progression for Technology Transfer will proceed as follows, although steps may vary in sequence and timing:

Pre/Disclosure and Assignment

First steps involve the inventor disclosing the invention to the University and signing an assignment agreement to the University. In instances where research and/or innovation projects are undertaken, the inventor would indicate the potential of technology and/or IP generation within the project.


Following disclosure, the inventor, a TTO representative and the advisory committee will review the invention disclosure, conduct patent searches, and analyze commercialization viability of the technology and/or IP. This stage also involves the verification of the resources and entities involved in the creation of the technology, and the verification of the University ownership (be it in part or full).


This stage involves taking steps towards the protection of the technology and/or IP, be it through local or international patent offices.

Marketing and/or Commercialization

This stage involves either the presentation of the patent publicly for possible licensing, or the establishment of a startup to oversee the commercialization of the technology.

Patent and Revenue Management

This involves record-keeping and periodic assessment of the University owned technologies as well its equities and funding of ongoing startups or companies. Furthermore, this stage involves the management of any resulting revenue (whether through licensing or commercialization) once the University’s investment has been recovered.

Through all the above, the TTO will act in an expedient matter that preserves the rights and potential gains of the University and its members.